The true story of the ‘‘Fair of the Dead’’ in Catania

Here in Catania the Fair of the Dead is among the most important and most awaited events of the year, after the feast of St. A mix of lights, colors and folklore that attracts thousands of people from all over Sicily each and every year.

"Until 1943, in the night between the 1st and the 2nd of November, every Sicilian house where there was a “picciriddu” was visited by some dead relatives. Not ghosts with white “linzòlo” and with the” scruscio” of chains, beware, not those who are frightening, but those who could be seen in the photographs displayed in the living room "(A. Camilleri).

This tradition has grown a lot over time and this year it will be at its 78th birthday. This year the stands will be 220 and the expected attendance in the large Fontanarossa parking ( the place where the fair will take place) is of about over 60 thousand people.

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