Christmas in Catania. The main events

Centro storico di Catania

Dean Martin would have said: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

Here we are, is almost Christmas and apart from the mild weather, Catania is ready to embrace the festive season.

Traditionally the Holiday Season starts with the Immaculate Conception and its typical celebrations within the Sanctuary of San Francesco d'Assisi all'Immacolata where the artistic eighteenth-century statue of the Holy Immaculate Mary is kept.

The lights of the traditional Christmas Tree located in the University Square have been turned on and this year, in spite of the economic crisis just voted by the city council, it has been joined by a second tree in Stesicoro Square, close to the entrance of the famous Roman Amphitheater. This tree was donated by the neighborhood shops, together with the cultural association “Le Pulci di Città” which thanks to a fundraising campaign sponsored this second Tree. Similar initiatives have been launched in different parts of the city, which is being lightened thanks to the work of its citizens.

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New Year’s Eve in Catania

Catania is a pretty cool place to spend Christmas Festivities and New Year’s Eve celebrations since the city is fully prepared with loads of events and parties including the traditional NYE celebrations at Piazza Duomo and Piazza Università.

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Christmas 2017/2018 in Caltagirone

The Christmas crib tradition is still strong in Caltagirone as is witnessed by the many cribs exhibitions held throughout the town. Until 10th January cribs of various sizes and materials, including a living crib and a number of antique items related to christmas, will be on display around the town. Walking through the small alleys, called “carruggi” in sicilian, you will get in touch with a place full of history and monuments, therefore declared Unesco Heritage site in 2002.

It is possible to buy a card in each crib which allows to visit all the others listed below at the following prices:

  • Free for children up to 5 years
  • € 4,00 for children up to 10 years
  • € 5,00 per person for large groups (at least 30 people)
  • € 7,00 for adults


  • Monday-Saturday 9.30 am -1 pm , 3 -7 pm
  • Sunday 9.30 am -1 pm , 3 - 8 pm
  • December 26th and January 6th 9.30 am to 8 pm

The living christmas crib will be open to the public on December 25th, 26th and on january 6th from 5 to 10 pm.

Cribs list:

  1. Animated crib made of terracotta and old fabric Piazza del Municipio,18
  2. Crib in the crypt - Via San Bonaventtura, 9
  3. Sicilian Crib - Via Bongiovanni, 85
  4. Monumental crib - Via Luigi Sturzo, 85 (inside the church)
  5. Dioramas museum - Via SS. Salvatore, 28
  6. Animated terracotta crib - Via SS. Salvatore, 26 (inside the church)
  7. Cave crib - Via SS. Salvatore, 2
  8. Animated cotton crib - Via Luigi Sturzo, 58
  9. 100000 Lego pieces crib - Discesa Palazzo di Giustizia, 8
  10. Nativity: tradition and tecnology - Va Sagone, 1
  11. Flemish nativity - Via degli studi, 20 (inside the church)
  12. Monum crib - Via San Pietro,11
  13. Natus est crib - Via Neve, 2
  14. Cotton monum crib - Piazza Marconi, 11
  15. Caltagirone miniature crib - Via Reitano, 2
  16. St. Francis and St, Clare’s crib - Via Duomo, 5 (inside the church)
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Museum Night Catania

On this Saturday, Museum Night Catania sees around 20 museums in the city open their doors from 7:00 pm to 02:00 am and organise special events, including workshops, concerts, special tours and performances.


Free entry museums

Charged admission museums

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