Toy Museum

Toy Museum of Catania was opened in 2002 by the cultural association IOCO. At the beginning it was located in prestigious Bruca Palace (Palazzo Bruca) in Catania but, since January 2011, it is hosted at Exhibition center “Le Ciminiere”. The museum collection includes a wide range of old toys that may be dated around the end of 19th century . There you can find old sock and wooden toys in perfect conditions.

Museum of Landing

This museum is located inside the exhibition centre “Le Ciminiere”. It is dedicated to a dramatic episode of contemporary history, the sicily landings in 1943 of soldiers coming from different parts of the world. The aim of the museum is to honour the sicilian fallen during Second World War but also to remember that peace is an essential value for humanity.

Museum of Contemporary art

The aim of the project MacS (Museo arte contemporanea Sicilia) is to enhance sicilian cultural heritage and promote both italian and international contemporary art. The philosophy of the project is to connect past and present art. The location of this museum is a precious work of achitecture extremely appropriate for its purpose. The inspiration for Macs are classic criterias and parameters such as beauty, expertise, technical capability, harmony that are often excluded from the modern times. Macs want to give back the original meaning of art, its absolute value connecting people with it.

Address: Via Crociferi, Via San Francesco 30, 95124 Catania

Mobile: 0957152207/3423017376

Street Art Silos

Street Art Silos are the modern way to get in touch with the ancient myths and legends of Sicily and Catania. Eight international artists immortalized with their artwork the most famous mythological creatures in the surface of silos in the port of Catania. The artists that contributed to this meaningful work of art are:

OKUDA with his work called “La bella di Bellini” honoured the famous catanese composer Vincenzo Bellini;

ROSH333 from Spain with his “Oraculo” represented the explosive energy coming from the forge of the god Vulcan;

MICROBO from Italy with the artwork “Il moto perpetuo di Scilla e Cariddi” representsed an infinite twine of vortex;

BO130 from Italy wanted to incite to tolerance towards empoverished populations representing the myth of Colapesce with an artwork called “La storia non scritta di Colapesce”;

VLADY ART from Italy with the artwork “Barattoli” cans minotaurs and mermaids into a soup can similar to Andy Warhol’s:

DANILO BUCCHI from Italy represents Minotaurs;

The duo INTERESNI KAZKI from Ukraine painted “Triskelion e La fuga di Ulisse da Polifemo”.

In september the portuguese artist VHILS completed the project painting the side in front of the sea.