Saint Benedict church

Saint Benedict church was built between 1704 and 1713 and it is dedicated to St. Benedict of Nursia. The church is part of a complex including also the Badia Maggiore and the Badia Minore, connected by a covered bridge over the road.

Its most famous feature is the Angel's Staircase (Italian: Scalinata dell'Angelo), a marble entrance stair decorated with statues of angels and surrounded by a wrought ironrailings. The entrance door, in wood, has panels with Stories of St. Benedict.

The interior, with a single nave, is home to frescoes by Sebastiano Lo Monaco, Giovanni Tuccari and Matteo Desiderato. The vault is frescoed with scenes of the life of St. Benedict. The high altar is in polychrome marble with hardstone intarsia and bronze panels.

Since April 2013 guided tours are available on the inside.

St. Dominick church

At the beginning this church was annexed to the dominican cloister and was built in 1313.

In 1405 the cloister was demolished and in return the monks obtained a building near the “Rotonda” with the church of Santa Maria la Grande. The earthquake of 1693 which destroyed Catania made the location unusable. The façade is situated in front of San Domenico square and it is characterized by an artistic fence made of wrought iron. Over the door there is a statue Bernardo Scammacca, made by the sculptor Epifanio Licata.

St. Cajetan Church

The first church was build in 262 inside a lavahole and was dedicated to Saint Mary.

During the years the church became bigger and bigger and probabbily in VIII century rose the church dedicated to St. Cajetan.

In VIII century muslims conquered Sicily and the church was abandoned. With the normans the church was restored. On 5th June 2009 it was chosen as location for the investiture of new members of International Christian Chivalry Union (U.C.C.I)